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About Tarangi
Tarangi is a unique retreat in Uttaranchal, north India. Tarangi sprawled in 12.8 acres of land is blessed by nature itself and is a “Dev Bhumi”. On one side there is world known “Jim Corbett National Park” a heaven for the wild life admirers, and on the other side it is and flanked by the beautiful Kosi river, it lies in a place blessed for millennia by nature. Tigers, leopards and wild elephants still roam these mighty forests and in the evenings, from the retreat centre itself, chital deer, rhesus monkeys and peafowl may be seen coming to drink water at the river. Also you can see peacocks dancing here. Completely surrounded by the silent forest of the national park, Tarangi is the home of the mother nature. Tarangi's 21 cottages have been built, furnished and decorated to provide for the comfort of the centre's guests, where possible using local natural materials and crafts, and always employing local craftsmen. Every cottage here is designed in such a way that you never feel engulfed in palisades. Luxury of being simple is the concept. Everything reminds you about the nature not the materialism. They have tried to preserve the nature as found it. The centre has an attractive dining room, overlooking the Kosi river, where vegetarian meals are served. Most importantly, it also has spacious, secluded halls devoted to meditation and yoga-asana practice, in addition to spa where different kind of massages are available. An attractive amphitheatre provides a space for evening talks and outdoor activities. In tarangi the landscaping is an excellent combination of forest trees, beautiful flowers, exotic herbs, rare verities like rudraksha and vejayanti mala, paddy fields, vegetables and much more. You can immerse yourself into gardening and revitalise yourself with these uncommon plants and trees.


Services & Facilities

Devoted to enhance overall well being through variety of services that improves the renewal of mind, body and the spirit.
It is a simple procedure which makes you feel relaxed and renewed with energy; soothes you thoroughly; leaves you with a pleasant feeling and has a long lasting effect; tones up your blood circulation; gives good relief to joint pains and strained muscles; repairs damaged body tissues; stimulates and brings back nostalgic memories; offers a calming effect; induces sleep.
Panchakarma Therapy
It is not just an oil massage as it is normally misunderstood. Panchakarma is a holistic Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy. It is a five fold therapy aimed at eradicating the basic cause of disease and concludes with the mitigation of the disease and its symptoms. The five actions are called Nasya, Vamana, Virechana, Nirodha Vasti and Sneha Vasti. In other words, it includes a brief dietary prescription, massage, herbs, purgatives, sweat baths, medicated enemas and nasal cleaning. It eliminates disease causing toxins and also revitalizes the body tissues.
This wonderful therapy stimulates our immune system. Sweet almond oil, lavender oil, cypress oil, sweet marjoram oils are used here. It increases peripheral blood lymphocytes. This therapy induces good sleep. It has a calming effect and your nostalgic memories are aroused.
Our body is self healing. Here the holistic treatment depends upon natural elements like sunlight, water and air along with regulated vegetarian diet, massage, yoga and recommended therapies. Mud bath and body scrub are available.


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