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Shreyas Retreat

Shreyas Retreat
The best way to contact us at Shreyas is by email.
For enquiries Please email: N. Balaji at or
Nidhi Sood at or
For reservations or to request a brochure: Phone: Between 9:00am and 6:30pm IST, please call on the numbers listed below.
please call N Balaji at (+91) 99161 10422 or Nidhi Sood at (+91) 98100 72838

About Shreyas Retreat
Recognized as one of the finest Yoga retreats in the world, Shreyas is dedicated to promoting the authentic spiritual tradition of Yoga, in an environment normally associated with an exclusive star hotel.  We endeavour to embody the spiritual tradition of Athithi devo Bhava (serving the Guest as an embodiment of the Divine) and the staff at Shreyas are trying to practice all facets of Yoga in their daily lives. At Shreyas, you get a unique insight into Yoga, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or have practiced for many years. Shreyas is situated in Bangalore, India where the emphasis is to live an ashram style life (daily yoga, meditation sessions, chanting classes, organic vegetarian food, no alcohol, community service, farming etc.) in private, serene and "simply" luxurious accommodation and facilities.  In a typical Yoga Retreat, guests practice different facets of Yoga - for physical strength, balance and flexibility, for physiological & therapeutic benefits and if they are interested, for pursuing a spiritual path through various types of meditation.You can also interact with the village community, participate in local activities and get an insight into their lives.  A popular exercise is for guests to farm in our organic agricultural garden, join our chefs to help cook and then serve the food to village school children.  You will be amazed how much you will learn from them.The Spa at Shreyas is simple, and yet recognised as one of best in India and aims to provide our guests with rejuvenation massage therapies drawn from diverse cultures such as India, Indonesia and Thailand.Namaste…

Shreyas is very inspired by the Indian spiritual practice of looking deep within the Self for answers to questions of existence and being. We are dedicated to helping our guests achieve a perfect balance in body, mind and spirit, through the medium of Yoga, which is non denominational and open to people of all faiths. We demonstrate through our various customised packages and retreats that contrary to popular belief - Yoga can be practiced by everyone. Yoga has an amazing effect on our body and mind energies allowing us to deal with life's bouquets and brickbats with sense of equanimity. We appeal to those who wish to understand/familiarise themselves with the philosophical tradition of India, without necessarily delving into its organised religious aspects.
Shreyas is one hours drive from Bangalore International airport, and approximately one and a half hours drive from Bangalore city.

Services & Facilities
Outdoor yoga & meditation hall: Qualified yoga instructors will guide you through asanas (physical postures), breathing, awareness and visualization processes for a healthier body and mind as well as enable internalization. This space can also be used for outdoor lectures and we can provide you with the required AV equipment.
Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi & Steam room - The water in our pool with an infinity edge appears to cascade down to the meditation/yoga hall in the distance. The temperature of the pool varies from 25 degress Celcius to 30 degrees Celcius, depending on the weather. (December is the coldest month and March is the warmest)
Gym: The gym is equipped with a treadmill, cross trainer and abdominal exercise equipment. It is available for your use 24 hours. Please bring separate footwear for this activity.
At Shreyas, guests have an opportunity to experience the real India as we take them to the local villages and provide them an opportunity to serve the local school children and their families in organized feeding exercises. Guests are encouraged to perform the entire gamut of activity required to organize the feed. For example, sourcing the vegetables and herbs, cutting and cooking the food (assisted and supervised by our team of chefs), transporting the food in tractors, cleaning and preparing the area where the school children are fed, and finally feeding them. This exercise which is known as “Seva” or Service is an alchemy for transmuting negative emotions such as arrogance into humility, sympathy & indifference into empathy & compassion, and anger into love.

Meals: Gourmet vegetarian meals, with flavours from India, Southern Europe and the Orient, are carefully planned to complement the lifestyle you will be experiencing at the retreat. Our chefs are glad to cater to any dietary specifications or restrictions guests may have (wheat free / vegan / dairy free / low calorie etc). Meals are served at specific times in the dining hall, or al fresco in the lawns.The basic theory of this philosophy is the Tri-Dosha-Concept In Ayurveda the five elements of nature, air, ether, fire, water and earth, combine in pairs to form three dynamic forces called Doshas. These are Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.The harmony and the balance of the Doshas in the body is the primary condition of the health. Wrong behaviour and food habits disturb the harmony and lead to diseases. The basic principales of treatment in Ayurveda is to eliminate the internal diseases to bring back the normal functioning state of the body.

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